8" Slanted Cut Succulent Terrarium


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  • Low Maintenance and Drought Tolerant
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  • 8” Diameter Terrarium
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  • 1 Terrarium with Assorted Succulents

  • This product does not ship to, Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

    These trendy and low maintenance plants are perfect for anyone looking to add live plants to their home or office without having to worry about caring for them. No green thumb required – these unique and beautiful plants thrive on neglect and look great in almost any setting.

    Product Details
    • Type: Succulent
    • Quantity: 1 Terrarium with assorted succulents
    • USDA Zone: Indoor Plant
    • Light Needs: Plants prefer bright filtered light through a window
    • Water Needs: Water once every 3-4 weeks
    • Flowering Season: Does not flower
    • Growth Habit: Compact
    • Mature Height: 4”
    • Mature Spread: 8”
    • Special Features: Low maintenance and drought tolerant
    • Landscape Uses: Indoor plant

    Planting Tips & Instructions
    The most important rule to follow with succulents is not to care for them too much! These plants thrive on neglect, and are nearly indestructible as long as they aren’t watered too often. Place container indoors near a window that receives some sun to help keep the plants colorful and compact.