Basalt Birdbath Fountain Kit


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  • 60 Gallon Reservoir
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  • Includes a Continuously Re-circulating, 800 Gallon-Per-Hour Submersible Magnetic Drive Pump
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  • Approximate Dimensions: 36" Width x 16" Deep (In-ground Basin), 22"L x 22”W x 12”H (Zen Fountain)
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  • Delivered in One Ready-to-Install Package
  • This rugged piece will add depth to your outdoor area, the deluge of water pouring over the edges will bring a sense of awe and wonder. The Basalt Birdbath Fountain can add to any space, blending rustic ambience with contemporary flair. The birds will flock to this handsome addition to your landscape.

    The fountain base (reservoir) is completely self-contained. It's designed to be used in-ground and holds approximately 60 gallons of water. This is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space that is both tranquil and unique.

    Special Note:This fountain is real stone and will require two strong adults to position the fountain piece on the basin.

    Delivered on one pallet. Decorative river rock not included.

    • Tools needed: Shovel, measuring tape, level
    • Pre-assembled plumbing and connecting pieces are included
    • Installation time usually about 4 hours
    • Easy-to-follow installation guide with color photos showing step-by-step instructions
    • Low maintenance
    • Durable, long-lasting, leak proof design
    • Rugged polyethylene reservoir manufactured in the USA
    • Includes a continuously re-circulating, 800 gallon-per-hour submersible magnetic drive pump
    • Grounded 20-foot power cord
    • Approximate dimensions: 36" Diameter x 16" Deep (in-ground basin), 20-22" Diameter (Stone Fountain) x 12” Overall Height on Pedestal
    • Be sure to plug Fountain pump into a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet
    • UL listed for outdoor use

    • Basalt Stone Fountain (Approx 225 lbs)
    • Fountain basin w/60-gallon reservoir: 36"Dia x 16"D
    • 800 GPH energy efficient pump with 20-foot cord
    • All necessary plumbing connectors
    • Approximate Shipping Weight: 325 lbs