Cascade Mountain Tech 3K Trekking Pole – 1 Pair (2 trekking poles)


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  • Quick Lock Feature for Easy Height Adjustment
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  • 100% 3K Carbon Fiber with Matte Black Finish
  • .
  • Comfortable Cork Grip with EVA Foam Down Grip
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  • Tungsten-Carbide Tips
  • Cascade Mountain Tech is an outdoor company located in the heart of the Cascade Mountain. Our core mission is to provide customers with the highest quality outdoor products at the most affordable price. So, if you are looking for unique and high-end outdoor products, such as trekking poles, you are in the right place. We are experts in outdoor adventures and hope that our products can help you enjoy nature with ease.

    The Cascade Mountain Tech 3K trekking poles provide hikers, walkers, backpackers, campers and many more users the best option for a lightweight and extremely strong set of trekking poles. Our trekking poles are made from 3K carbon fiber, a woven fiber which creates strength both in the vertical and horizontal direction, allowing the poles to withstand more force, i.e. twisting or flexing. If you are looking for a lightweight pole that is still durable our 3K carbon fiber is the ideal choice. Each pole weighs only 8 ounces, so they won’t slow you down on the trail. Our poles feature a quick lock mechanism for quick height adjustment and security that will support all your adventures. The non-slip cork handles and EVA foam down grip provide for a variety of hand positions to ensure that you have a good balanced grip in any environment.

    • Includes rubber tips, boot tips, mud/sand baskets and snow baskets for use on a wide variety of terrain and a carrying case
    • 100% 3K Carbon Fiber
    • Poles extension lengths – 26”- 53”
    • Grip Materials – Cork
    • Single Pole weight (without tip covers) – 8 ounces
    • Comfortable wrist straps
    • 1 Pairs of Trekking Poles (2 trekking poles total)