Coravin Model 3 SL Wine Preservation System 12-piece Bundle


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  • Coravinâ„¢ Patented Preservation Technology
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  • Coravin Pureâ„¢ Capsules
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  • Capsules Allow You to Pour Up to 60 Glasses of Your Favorite Wines
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  • Screw Caps Allow You to Pour More Than 300 Glasses of Wine
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  • Durable and stylish carry case
  • Pour your favorite wines without pulling the cork with the Coravin Timeless Three Wine Preservation System. The Three System is the perfect introduction to our Timeless Wine Preservation Systems, allowing you to preserve still wines for weeks, months, or even years. Featuring a molded architecture in a neutral colorway and one Coravin Pureâ„¢ Argon Capsule, the Three SL contains the essential items to begin your wine journey.
    • Coravinâ„¢ Wine Needle: Gentle on Corks and Pours Wine Smoothly.
    • Easy-on, Easy-off SmartClampsâ„¢ Technology.

    • (1) Coravinâ„¢ Model Three SL Wine Preservation System with SmartClampsâ„¢ technology
    • (4) Coravinâ„¢ Pureâ„¢ Capsules allowing you to pour up to 60 glasses of wine
    • (6) Coravinâ„¢ Screw Cap
    • (1) Coravinâ„¢ Carry Case

    Made in:
    Coravinâ„¢ System: China
    Coravin Pureâ„¢ Capsules: Austria
    Coravinâ„¢ Screw Cap: China
    Coravinâ„¢ Carry Case: China