Country Club Elite Golf Mats


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  • No Bounce™
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  • Takes A Real Tee™
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  • Swing Down And Through™
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  • True Divot Action™
  • Improve your game by practicing on your New Country Club Elite Golf Mat® All year long – at home, in your own back yard, garage, shed, or basement.

    Country Club Elite Golf Mats® proprietary turf design solves the “fat shot problem” most mats have. The Long Dense Fiber System approximates the feel of a lush fairway. If you hit down on the ball properly the club passes freely “down and through” the ball. However you will feel the difference on a fat shot because if you go to deep the long fiber system will slow the club head down as if you’ve taken a deep divot or “chunked” a shot.

    Because of the proprietary design the turf is able to absorb and dissipate the blow for immediate and realistic feedback at the point of impact and eliminate the problematic bounce of other mats.

    Country Club Elite Golf Mats® are specifically designed to absorb the blow of a golf-shot as true fairway would providing the most realistic feel that a synthetic surface can. With typical golf mats, the club would “bounce” on the mats, and slide into the ball for an unnatural feel and false results. Country Club Elite Golf Mats® are made from a proprietary grass like fiber bland that move, absorb, and dissipate the downward blow of a golf-shot simulating the feel of taking a divot.

    Country Club Elite Golf Mats® proprietary fiber design actually lets you hit down and through the ball so you can practice proper impact which dictates the quality of a golf shot – Better practice means better results. Country Club Elite® Real Feel give you a true feel so that you know if you struck the ball fat, thin or just right.

    • Improve your golf swing in your own back yard
    • Finally a golf practice mat that lets you “Hit-Down on the golf ball” for a true feel and realistic practice
    • Help reduce your risk of golf range practice mat injury with Country Club Elite’s® Real Feel and forgiving Long Fiber System
    • CC Elite Golf Mats® are built to withstand the punishment of repeated use even by wedges thanks to the abrasion resistance fibers
    • Lower your score and become a more consistent player by practicing more in your own back yard, garage, shed, or basement – even if you have just 10-minutes to spare
    • For less than a brand new driver (do you really need one?) you could have a commercial quality revolutionary Country Club Elite Golf Mat® that will provide you a tool to help improve your swing