CyberPower 1500VA / 900Watts True Sine Wave Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


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  • Multifunction LCD Panel displays real-time power status information
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  • Provides battery backup and surge protection for home office and home theater equipment
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  • Sine wave output power
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  • USB ports charge and power mobile devices
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  • ENERGY STAR ® qualified
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    Why Do you Need a UPS System?

    Even brief power outages can result in data loss or potential hardware damage. A UPS system provides battery backup power to keep your devices running during short outages and provides enough runtime to properly shut down electronics during extended outages.
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    Desktop Computers

    Ensure seamless power to your PC and make certain you have time to safely shut down your system during a longer outage.

    Home Networking/VoIP

    Keep your smart-home devices connected to your WIFI during power outages and brownouts.

    Home Theaters

    Protect sensitive televisions, projectors, satellites, and cable boxes from power surges and spikes.

    For desktop computers, home theater equipment, personal electronics & more

    • 10 total outlets including 5 surge only and 5 battery backup + surge up to 1030 Joules
    • Battery backup keeps devices running during brief outages and provides enough runtime power for safe shut down
    • Surge and data line protection safeguards against sudden power surges or spikes
    • Automatic Voltage Regulation corrects minor fluctuations without switching to battery power
    • USB ports charge smartphones, tablets and other mobile accessories
    • Intelligent multifunction LCD panel displays system status real-time power status information.