D’Artagnan Antibiotic Free Bone-in Beef Ribeye Roast, 19 lbs


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  • ABF-No Hormones or Antibiotics Ever
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  • (1) Bone-In Beef Ribeye Roast 19 lbs
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  • Choice Grade Beef
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  • With its big, juicy flavor, beef ribeye is the cut that everyone craves. It is the most marbled, and some would argue, the tastiest cut of beef. That’s why this whole bone-in ribeye roast, often referred to as the “Prime Rib” is a great choice for your family’s holiday dinner and special occasions.

    D’Artagnan beef comes from a group of dedicated ranchers who raise their Angus breed cattle on pastureland, with lots of room to roam. The cattle are never administered antibiotics, hormones or any other artificial substances. They grow at a slow and natural pace, which means the cattle take a little longer to come to market, but that’s fine with us. A stress-free lifestyle produces tasty results. So you get nothing but clean beefy flavor – just the way it should be.

    This impressive 19 pound, choice grade, whole Bone-in Ribeye Roast is wet aged for a minimum of 21 days to add complexity and depth to the flavor. The Whole Ribeye Roast can be roasted whole, cut into two smaller roasts or cut into individual steaks.

    • Angus breed Cattle
    • Choice-grade beef
    • ABF - Never-ever program - no hormones or antibiotics ever
    • 19 lbs minimum weight