Dixie Ultra 20 oz Paper Bowl, 135-count


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  • Heavy-Duty Disposable Paper Bowls
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  • Cut-Resistant for Use With Metal Utensils
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  • Microwave-Safe for Easy Reheating
  • Model: SX20C135MR5

    • Dixie Ultra® Paper Bowls
    • Maximum strength
    • 20 oz capacity
    • Total Bowls: 135 ct

    More Information:

    • Dixie Ultra® Paper Bowls have a Soak Proof Shield to keep saucy, soupy, or greasy foods from soaking through the bowl
    • Paper bowls are perfect for serving heavy, messy food such as chili, spaghetti or stews
    • Versatile and affordable, so you can focus on your day and not the dishes
    • Dixie Ultra® Paper Bowls may be recycled if you have access to a recycler that accepts paper or plastic products containing food residue. Such facilities may not exist in your area.
    • These bowls are microwave-safe and cut-resistant