Foss 18"x18" Modular Mat Tiles


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  • 18" X 18" Square Tiles, 10 Tiles/22.5 Sq Ft per Case
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  • Customizable Mat Solution.
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  • Great for Indoor and Outdoor Applications
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  • Can Be Cut to Fit, Simply Peel, Press, and Done
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  • Mix and Match Colors and Patterns to Create a Unique Look
  • Create the perfect mat for your needs with Modular Mat from Foss! These heavy-duty peel-and-stick tiles can be arranged to suit your space and even cut to fit and install in minutes over most surfaces, including concrete, tile, and low-pile carpet. With strong adhesive backing that doesn’t lift or shift and incredibly resilient construction, these eco-friendly, high-performance tiles are engineered to deliver year-round comfort, safety, and remarkable durability indoors and out. 100% PET fiber construction is solution-dyed so carpet color is locked in while stains are locked out. Create runners, place at entrances, split to make smaller mats, or even use several boxes to carpet your entire space.

    • Natural Touchâ„¢ fiber - 100% PET fiber made from purified recycled bottles
    • 3 Year Warranty: Dura-Lockâ„¢ fiber locking system binds fiber strands together, creating a lightweight and incredibly resilient surface guaranteed to not fray, zipper or unravel even when cut to fit
    • Stain resistant: Natural Touchâ„¢ construction is solution dyed so carpet color is locked in while stains are locked out
    • Pet friendly: Modular Mat Tiles are waterproof so they can be rinsed off and are even unaffected by bleach making them the perfect solution to add an attractive, easy to clean soft surface to any area pets spend time in
    • UV-resistant: Perfect for use outdoors, even in direct sunlight
    • Kid Proof, Pet Proof, Waterproof: sweep, vacuum, or spot clean with water and a mild detergent to clean.
    • Incredibly easy to install: Simply peel-and-stick and cut-to-fit with no additional adhesive required
    • The pressure sensitive adhesive allows tiles to be repositioned if needed and then locks the tiles into place, preventing unwanted lifting or shifting
    • If a tile happens to become damaged, simply remove and replace the damaged tile
    • The Dura-Lockâ„¢ fiber locking system eliminates the need for heavy backing, which can trap water
    • Latex and VOC free
    • Perfect for eliminating slip hazards year-round where wet or icy conditions may occur
    • Add a cool surface to hot decks, concrete, or brick areas that can burn feet in direct sunlight
    • Because there is no heavy backing to trap moisture, the Modular Mat tiles naturally breathe, resisting mold and mildew
    • Perfect for application over wooden decks, basements and concrete areas where moisture can be a problem
    • Patterns are not intended to align exactly from tile to tile - for a finished look, rotate every other tile ¼ turn
    • Available colors: Black, Brown, Grey

    Proudly made in the USA using recycled bottles with a UL certified minimum post-consumer content of 95%