Frigidaire Gallery Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker, Countertop

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  • Unique Soft, yet Crunchy Nuggets Ice
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  • Auto Self-Cleaning Function
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  • Compact Countertop Design
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  • Produces up to 44 Lbs of Ice in a Day
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  • Holds Up To 3 Lbs. (2.5 Quarts) in Ice Basket
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    Frigidaire Gallery’s newest nugget ice maker makes chewable, crunchy, airy nugget ice with a unique texture just like restaurants do! Our contemporary style countertop nugget ice maker produces up to 44 pounds of fresh ice a day and has a large-capacity bin that holds up to 3 pound of crunchable nugget ice. Begin enjoying your first batch of ice in 10 minutes or less with the rapid production of this countertop ice maker. This ice maker includes a built-in reservoir, reducing the need for frequent water refill up’s during high demand. Innovative design and cutting-edge details like a touch screen control panel enhance this clean, modern style ice maker. The built in self-cleaning mode helps limit bacteria and makes cleaning a breeze so you always have fresh tasting ice! The perfect size for any countertop in your home as it fits under your kitchen cabinets.

    Crunchy, Chewable Nuggets:
    Frigidaire Gallery’s nugget ice maker allows you to enjoy chewable nugget textured ice compared to standard tough ice cubes. Enjoy restaurant-quality, addictively chewable nugget ice in your own home. Unique soft, yet crunchy nuggets that float in your favorite Beverage.

    Quick & Powerful:
    Within only 15 minutes, you’ll be enjoying soft, crunchy ice, just like the ice you love from your favorite restaurant.

    Perfect Size:
    Compact design, this new version can sit on your countertop but is also the perfect height to fit under-counter! Easily slides beneath your kitchen cabinets!

    High Capacity:
    Produces 44 lbs. of ice per day, and the bin holds 3 lbs. at a time. Touch Controls: You can tap on the operation area to start its ice-making function.

    Auto Self Cleaning:
    Press "CLEAN" button to enter the automatic cleaning function.

    Stunning Design:
    With its elegant design, this ice maker will wow your guests before they even try the delicious ice it makes. Beautifies any kitchen!

    Product Dimensions: 14.6" D x 10.0" W x 16.5" H
    Packaging Dimensions: 16.75" D x 11.75 " W x 20.25" H
    Product Weight: 34 lb
    Shipping Weight: 35 lb
    Warranty 1 Year