Kohler Novita Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat


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  • Soft Close Lid to Prevent Slamming
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  • Carbon Filter Air-Deodorizer
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  • Heated Seat with Three Temperature Levels
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  • Child Mode with Soft Wash
  • The Novita BD-N450US cleansing seat is ergonomically designed to provide ultimate comfort for all users, thanks to a specially curved surface that gently supports any body shape. Cleanse and massage at the same time, or enjoy a warm oscillating wash at just the right water temperature – all easily controlled with the remote control. The first waterproof bidet seat from Kohler Novita, the BD-N450US seat and remote control are both waterproof to simplify cleaning.

    • Oscillating wash covers a wider area of cleansing.
    • Turbo setting produces a massaging effect as water moves back and forth.
    • Air bubble wash offers a soft, gentle wash with effective cleansing.
    • Warm-air dryer with three heat levels.
    • Sittable lid for convenience.
    • One-touch detachable design for quick, easy cleaning.
    • Energy-save function.
    • Stainless steel bidet wand includes an antimicrobial agent which inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. This product does not protect users against bacteria, viruses, or other disease organisms. Always clean and wash this product thoroughly

    Included Components:
    • AA batteries (Qty 3)
    • Remote
    • Supply hose
    • T-Valve
    • Washers