Kombi Multi Purpose Raised Bed & Cold Frame


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  • Extend Growing Season Early & Late
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  • Easy Access Gardening Height
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  • Seven Sq Feet Of Raised Growing Space
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  • Separate the base levels for various configurations
  • With the soil height at 24”, gardening could not be easier. By standing or sitting, whether its age, injury or simply comfort, you can now nurture seedlings, vegetables and flowers from a position of ease whether its placed on the ground, concrete patio or deck. When new starts are strong, the dual function Kombi can be separated at any time during the growing season to create an open air raised bed, while replanting the cold frame on the ground in slightly warmer weather. Assembly is simple as most parts snap firmly together in 30 minutes or less.

    If for some reason height isn’t what you need, separate the levels to any configuration that suits you. Fully separated, the cold frame itself could be sitting on the ground, with three independent raised beds, or set the cold frame on one or two of the levels leaving one level as its own raised bed.

    • Base Frame is 24”x24”x51” long, with three tiers of interlocking blocks
    • Blocks are Nordic weathered grey in color and UV protected for long term beauty and use
    • Block wall manufacturing structure is high grade polyethylene made with eco-friendly foaming construction, BPA free, and 100% recyclable
    • Foam process adds extra insulation values and helps retain warmth within
    • Pre-Assembled Lid to shorten assembly time
    • Cold Frame is 15.75” tall in back, 12” tall in front, and 50” long
    • Panels are 4mm twin wall polycarbonate, UV stabilized and protected for long use
    • 2 Ventilation supports with multiple height settings
    • Insulation sealing strips restrict cold air movement and temperature loss
    • 5 Year warranty
    • Made in Austria
    • For customer service inquiries and parts, call Exaco at 877 760-8500 ext 706

    Assembly & Soil Prep Notes:
    Including unpacking the parts, the base takes approximately 20 minutes to completely assemble, with the help of only screwdriver and pliers. The cold frame takes another 20 minutes to snap together and attach to the base. Depending on assembly experience, the entire Kombi can be assembled in 30 minutes or less. See the assembly video for shortcuts and more information on the benefits of the Kombi Mini-Greenhouse Cold Frame. Consider adding bales of peat moss to the bottom of the base if you only need rich soil for the upper 8-12 inches.