Nutristore Freeze Dried Deluxe Meat Variety #10 Cans, 12-count


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  • Twelve (12) #10 cans of Nutristore ® premium freeze-dried meats
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  • 25 year sealed shelf life
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  • Just add water
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  • USDA inspected & approved
  • Nutristore ® is a brand focused on providing the best tasting nutritional freeze-dried and emergency food products. We offer a wide selection of high-quality and nutritious freeze-dried food. We start by sourcing our foods from the best suppliers and ensure the quality and nutrients in the food is not compromised through our unique freeze-drying and packaging processes. Our goal is to provide you with great-tasting food that is nutrition-focused, budget-conscious, and shelf-stable.

    With an optimal amount of protein and servings per can, this deluxe bulk freeze-dried combo of pulled pork, grilled chicken and sausage crumbles is easy to store long-term and simple to rehydrate. Nutristore ® freeze-dried meat is ideal for lightweight DIY camping and backpacking meals or to use in survival situations. The perfect addition to your emergency survival food storage! Simply create an instant healthy meal and use it in all of your favorite recipes such as; chili, tacos, pasta, stews, soups, alfredo, stir-fry or enchiladas. Just add water and enjoy! All of our Freeze-dried Meats are ideal for a long-term bulk food storage supply. We make sure our #10 Cans are properly sealed to last the tests of time and packaged to be easily handled and stored, keeping your food safe and secure for up to 25 years. True peace of mind comes from knowing you have all the necessities when the unexpected happens!

    Each kit includes:
    Twelve (12) #10 cans of Nutristore ® premium freeze-dried meats
    (4) Pulled pork
    (4) Grilled chicken
    (4) Sausage crumbles