Ove Decors Winder 1 Piece Toilet


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  • Sleek and Modern, One-piece Design
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  • Environmentally Friendly, Uses 20% Less Water than the Standard
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  • Standard and Easy Installation
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  • Featuring an Elongated Bowl, One-piece Design
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  • Chrome Finish Top Mounted Buttons
  • OVE Decors Winder White 1-Piece WaterSense Dual Flush Toilet

    The OVE Decors Winder toilet adds a touch of modern to your bathroom. With its seamless, 1-piece design, concealed trapway and soft-close and quick release toilet seat for easy cleaning, the Winder is big on features. Designed with the WaterSense certified dual flush technology 1.06/1.59 GPF (gallons per flush) the Winder is environmentally friendly while using 20% less water than the standard toilet. Includes a top mounted Chrome flush button, and all the hardware needed for a quick and easy installation.

    Soft-close seat technology
    The toilet seat has an elongated design for extra comfort and is installed at an ADA-approved height for optimal accessibility. Its soft-close mechanism prevents the lid and seat from slamming.

    Dual flush mechanism
    Eco-friendly and water efficient, the two-button dual flush mechanism lets you choose between 1.06 and 1.59 gallons per flush.

    Easy quick release
    The unique quick release feature makes cleaning and replacement easier than ever.

    Comfort of the seat
    The elongated ergonomic seat is extremely comfortable. You won’t want to get up

    Premium hardware
    Our premium quality hardware and finishes ensures long lasting use and reliability.

    Quality of the ceramic body
    Our premium ceramic toilets are smooth to the touch, and shines bright for 20+ years.

    Additional features:

    • OVE Decors Winder White 1-Piece WaterSense Dual Flush Toilet

    • Set includes Bowl, seat, wax ring, flange bolts (supply line not included)

    • 1.06/1.59 GPF (gallons per flush) dual flush is efficient and water friendly, and OVE's flush valve system creates a strong siphon during the flush reducing the number of problems typically associated with older ball-chain flapper systems.

    • Elongated bowl ensures more comfort and room, while ADA-compliant height makes it easier for those with limited mobility

    • CEC WaterSense ® certified to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly use, using at least 20% less water than standard 1.6 GPF single-flush toilets

    • Concealed trapway offers seamless look while quick release/attach seat makes cleaning and maintenance easy, and soft close seat prevents slamming

    • 12 in. standard rough-in

    • 3 in. powerful and efficient flushing valve

    • 1.77 in. large trapway fully glazed provides a nonporous smooth surface for a strong, complete flush, each time.

    • Sleek top mounted dual button flush with Chrome finish included

    • Easy to install

    • Includes a 5 year warranty for all fittings. Includes a 20 year warranty for ceramic components.

    • This CSA, DOE and CEC certified toilet meets or exceeds all safety specifications