Pear Shape 5.03 ct Internally Flawless, D Color Diamond Platinum Solitaire Ring


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    • GIA #: 5212957324
    • Metal: 950 Platinum
    • Diamond Shape: Pear
    • Diamond Weight: 5.03 ct
    • Diamond Clarity: Internally Flawless ( IF )
    • Diamond Color: Colorless ( D )
    • Ring Size: 7 - Sizeable to any size



    This item comes with a Jewelry Grading / Gemological Report. This report is to certify that the item described above is genuine, and has been independently examined by a certified gemological laboratory.

    Also included with this diamond is a GIA (Gemological Institute of America), Gem Trade Laboratory, Diamond Grading Report. Gem Trade Laboratory is a division of GIA Enterprises, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the nonprofit Gemological Institute of America, Inc. This describes the characteristics of the diamond at the time of the examination based upon 10x magnification.