Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Retrofit Recessed 4" Downlight, 4-pack


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  • Control up to 10 Lights with Bluetooth App
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  • Control Lights with Your Voice
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  • Create a Personalized Experience with Colorful Smart Light
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  • Set the Right Mood with Warm to Cool White Light
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  • Unlock Full Suite of Smart Light Features with Hue Bridge
  • Add color to your home with the 4-inch recessed retrofit downlight, which offers 16 million colors and warm-to-cool white light. Philips Hue downlights give a clean, minimalistic look that keep the focus on your interior design. They feature Bluetooth capability for instant light control in one room. Connect to a Hue Bridge to unlock the full suite of smart light features, including the ability to control more than 10 lights - even while away from home.

    • Philips Hue with Bluetooth is the easiest way to get started with smart lighting. Set the mood instantly with Bluetooth-enabled
    light fixtures and the Hue Bluetooth app, which allows you to control up to 10 lights in a room.

    • Philips Hue works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant when paired with a compatible Google Nest or Amazon Echo
    device. Simple voice commands allow you to control multiple lights in a room or just a single lamp.

    • Instantly set the mood for any occasion with 16 million colors of light. Transform any room for an immersive entertainment
    experience, create the perfect atmosphere for a get-together with friends, or complement your home decor.

    • These bulbs and light fixtures offer different shades of warm to cool white light. With complete dimmability from bright to low
    nightlights, you can tune your lights to the perfect shade and brightness of light for your daily needs.

    • Use the preset Philips Hue light recipes to fit your mood or activities throughout the day. Amp up the energy with the cool white
    light of the Energize light recipe in the morning or unwind with the subtle, soft light of Relax.

    • Add a Hue Bridge (sold separately) to your Bluetooth-controlled setup to make your smart lighting system even smarter.With the
    Hue Bridge, you can add up to 50 lights — including your existing Bluetooth-enabled lights — and smart accessories throughout
    your entire home, as well as unlock upgraded features such as away-from-home control.

    4 Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance 4" Retrofit Recessed Downlights

    • 5.4" × 5.4" × 2.8"; 0.571 lb