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  • Hand-painted, Stoneware Dishes, Oven to Table for a Glamorous Kitchen
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  • Stoneware Dishes Are Well Known for Excellent Cooking Results
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  • Polish Stoneware Evolved from 800 Years of Traditions and Technological Advancements to Meet the Needs of Modern Kitchen Appliances
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  • Designed to Add Beauty, Functionality and Legacy Pieces to Your Home
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  • Free of Harmful Chemicals Such as Lead and Cadmium Due to the High Fire Technique Called Vitrification Which Also Locks in Durability Making Each Piece Extremely Chip Resistant
  • Costco Next presents an extended assortment of hand-painted, Polish stoneware dishes provided to you by Pottery Avenue.

    • Hand-painted, stoneware dishes, oven to table for a glamorous kitchen
    • Stoneware dishes are well known for excellent cooking results and the patented formula glaze is naturally non-stick and impervious to stains
    • Polish Stoneware evolved from 800 years of traditions and technological advancements to meet the needs of modern kitchen appliances such as the oven, dishwasher and microwave while adding fashion to the kitchen and dining table
    • Designed by award winning craftswoman Janina Bany-Kazlowska and engineer for excellence by Z.C. Boleslawiec Manufacturer to add beauty, functionality and legacy pieces to your home
    • Free of harmful chemicals such as lead and cadmium due to the high fire technique called vitrification which also locks in durability making each piece extremely chip resistant.