simplehuman Custom Fit Liners, 300-pack


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  • Perfectly Fits simple human Sensor and Step Cans
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  • Extra-Durable and Thick Double Seams
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  • Dispenser Pack Designed to Fit Liner Pocket Inside simple human Sensor and Step Cans
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  • Drawstring Handles

  • Our custom fit liners are designed to fit each of our cans perfectly so there is no messy bag overhang or bunching and they never slip. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears, even if you pack trash to the rim. Quick-dispense packs make it easy to grab liners one-by-one without messy unraveling. Refill packs are designed to fit perfectly inside sensor and step cans with our built-in liner pocket system for a faster liner change.

      • Code J: fits 30-45 litre capacity
      • Code Q: fits 50-65 litre capacity
      • Code H: fits 30-35 litre capacity
      • Code A: fits 4.5 litre capacity
      • Perfect fit, no rips, no punctures, quick-dispense packs designed for built-in liner pocket

      • Code J Liners 300-pack: 20-pack x 15
      • Code Q Liners 300-pack: 20-pack x 15
      • Code H Liners 300-pack: 20-pack x 15
      • Code A Liners 300-pack: 30-pack x 10

    Code J Liners 20-pack specs:
      • 6.5"W x 1.2"D x 8.8"H
      • 1.2 pounds

    Code Q Liners 20-pack specs:
      • 5.5"W x 1.2"D x 8.8"H
      • 1.5 pounds

    Code H Liners 20-pack specs:
      • 6"W x 1.2"D x 8.8"H
      • 1 pound

    Code A Liners 30-pack specs:
      • 6"W x 1"D x 8.5"H
      • 0.3 pound

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