SimpliSafe Home Security Kit with Outdoor Camera, 13 piece


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  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring Available with No Contracts
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  • No Professional Installation Required
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  • 24 Hour Battery Backup
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  • Smart Device App
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  • Includes Wireless Outdoor Camera with HD Color Nightvision
  • It’s easy to transform your home into a safe haven with SimpliSafe’s award-winning security system. Everything is simple to set up, effortless to use, and designed to do one thing only: keep your home and family safe. The Outdoor security camera lets you see everything happening in full HD. So you can spot trouble before it comes knocking and capture the evidence if it does. And if someone tries to break in, the burglary sensors will sound the alarm right away. But that’s not all. Whenever your alarm goes off, we’ll call you and send police, firefighters, or ambulances to your door in a snap — and stay on the line with you until they arrive. So no matter where you are or what you’re doing, your home is protected 24/7.


    • Includes Base Station, Keypad, 6 Entry Sensors, Motion Sensor, Glassbreak Sensor, Keyfob, Panic Button, Outdoor Camera
    • Includes 3 Free months of 24/7 professional monitoring included ($27.99 value).
    • No long-term contracts or cancellation fees.
    • Award-winning protection for your front lawn, back yard, and everything in between. Backed by optional 24/7 professional monitoring for fast police dispatch.
    • Wireless Outdoor Camera has an ultra-wide 140 degree field of view in HD color night vision and a spotlight that shines when there is motion.
    • Set everything up easily in about 30 minutes. No drilling or wiring required.


    • Base Station
    • Keypad
    • 6 Entry Sensors
    • Motion Sensor
    • Glassbreak Sensor
    • Keyfob
    • Panic Button
    • Outdoor Camera


    • 10.75" × 11.88" × 7"; 6 lb

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