Supreme Garage Floor Tiles, 8-pack


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  • Solid PVC Tiles Are Ideal For Garages, Office Floors, Stores and More
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  • Highly Durable Tiles Interlock Into A Tight Fit That Can Withstand The Toughest Conditions
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  • Colors Can Be Combined To Make Unique Patterns
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  • 8 tiles per carton (23.2 Sq. Ft.)
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  • Tile Size: 20.5 x 20.5 x 5mm

  • Product Details:

    Supreme Garage Floor Tiles are the easy way to create an attractive but tough floor in any area. Typically used in garages, warehouses, workshops, mudrooms, basements, gyms or playrooms due to their durability.

    The interlocking tiles fit quickly and easily together using only a rubber mallet. No expensive contractors needed, no big mess to clean up afterward!

    Supreme Garage Floor Tiles are made from carcinogen free virgin pvc, and resistant to most chemicals. It offers a long lasting guarantee for your professional flooring. The tough and flexible interlocking floor tiles were developed to provide an instant self-laying floor surface, for use in a wide variety of residential and industrial applications.

      • Solid pvc tiles are ideal for garages, office floors, stores and more
      • Highly durable tiles interlock into a tight fit that can withstand the toughest conditions
      • Resistant to oil, great and most other chemicals
      • Mold and mildew resistant
      • Very easy to install, clean and maintain
      • Can be used immediately
      • Colors can be combined to make unique patterns
      • Made in the USA

      • 2 styles available: Diamond Plate and Raised Coin
      • 2 colors available: Black and Dark Gray
      • Tile Size: 20.5 x 20.5 x 5mm
      • 8 tiles per carton (23.2 Sq. Ft.)
      • 25 year lifetime residential warranty


    Mats Inc.
    Quantity per Case
    8 Tiles
    0.2 in.
    Total Coverage Area
    23.2 sq ft (2.16 sq m)