Trailer Valet JX 5,000-lb Side Mount Jack Bundle


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  • Lift Capacity of 5,000-lbs
  • .
  • Foot Plate and Wheel
  • .
  • Sleeve Fitting to Ensure a Smooth Glide
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  • Includes Drill Attachment and Hand Crank
  • .
  • 3:4 Gear Ratio
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    Trailer Valet JX 5K Side Mount Jack Bundle

    The Trailer Valet JX 5K Side (JX5-S) is a manual hand-crank jack that has the versatility and capability to be powered by any 18-24V compact drill (not included) with the Trailer Valet Drill Attachment. It has a lift capacity of 5,000 lbs and its patented gear material composition delivers maximum efficiency while reducing heat retention. We’ve built in a sleeve fitting to offer the ultimate protection while ensuring a smooth glide every time. The JX 5K Side comes with a pipe mount bracket, weather resistant shield protection, and is topped with our signature wrinkle black powder coating so that you can go further, longer.

    Included in Package:
    • 1 x JX5-S Side Mount Jack
    • 1 x JX5-S Bracket (inc. plates and bolts)
    • 1 x Trailer Valet Drill Attachment
    • 1 x Footplate
    • 1 x Hand Crank
    • 1 x Wheel Attachment


    Trailer Valet
    Lifting Capacity
    5,000 lb.
    Lifting Mechanism
    Mount Position
    Side Mount
    Tire Jack Type
    26 lb.