Tramontina 12.5” Carbon Steel Wok


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  • Nitro Carbonized with Sunflower Seed Oil
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  • Heavy-Gauge Steel Handle with Removable Silicone Sleeve
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  • Compatible with All Cooktops, Excluding Induction
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  • Metal Utensil Safe, Oven-safe up to 350°F
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  • Hand Wash and Dry to Preserve Seasoning
  • Fire up Tramontina's 12.5" Carbon Steel Wok! With similar care to a cast iron pan this carbon steel wok is pre-seasoned with sunflower seed oil. This wok should be hand washed, dried and seasoned for best cooking results. Made with super-durable carbon steel, the construction is strong enough to handle your all-star taco filling, favorite Asian cuisine, or scrambling eggs for a large group. The wok's unique carbon steel construction makes it one of the most durable pans you'll own.

    • (1) 12.5” Carbon Steel Wok with Removable Silicone Handle Sleeve

    • Your nitrocarburized wok is pre-seasoned with sunflower seed oil. However, for best results, you may apply a light coating of cooking oil inside the cookware before each use. Hand wash and dry immediately, do not soak in water. This will ensure the cookware remains properly seasoned and prevents rusting.
    • During the first several uses it is normal for the wok to show color variations, changing from shades of blue to brown and eventually darken to black.
    • Cook using low to medium heat only. Do not use cookware under an oven broiler unit.

    Made in China

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