Type S Interior Auto Sunshade


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  • UPF 50+ Certified, Blocks 99% of UV Rays
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  • Easy to Use and Fold
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  • Includes Two 3-piece Sunshade Kits (Sunshade with 2 Side Shades)
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    TYPE S SolarShad Silver Foil Sunshade 3 pc Kit SS532656-2

    SolarShade Silver Foil Sunshade 3 pc Kit

    The TYPE S windshield sunshade 3-piece set includes a form fitting windshield shade, plus 2 side shades. The shades are easy to use and the premium reflective coating that blocks heat and sun, protecting your vehicle dash, steering wheel and interior. Convenient side shades protect precious passengers from heat and glare while still allowing some visibility to enjoy during the journey. The shades fold up compactly and can easily be stored in a door or seat pocket until needed again.