Vacaville Fruit Company, 58 oz. Dried Fruit & Nut Basket


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  • 2 Type of Peaches
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  • Dried Fruit
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  • Savor our most popular premium dried fruits and nuts paired with an artisan-crafted Italian-style salami and a Roasted Garlic Gourmet Cheese. This hand-packed gift tray is brimming with a selection of our finest dried fruits and nuts, including California white peaches, California yellow peaches, California plums, California pluots, California Deglet Noor Dates, California Pitted Prunes and California Smoked Almonds. It also features our customer favorite Fruit & Nut Medley Mix, hand-blended for the perfect snacking combination of sweet & savory. Guests, hostesses or gift recipients will love the combination of favorite wine pairing foods all packed in a handmade willow gift basket.


    • California White Peaches (USA)
    • California Yellow Peaches (USA)
    • Dried Pears (USA and/or Argentina)
    • California Angelino Plums (USA)
    • Mediterranean Apricots (Turkey)
    • California Golden Pluots (USA)
    • California Deglet Noor Dates (USA)
    • California Pitted Prunes (USA)
    • Daniele Salami Tuscana (USA)
    • Tomato & Basil Gourmet Cheese (USA)
    • Fruit & Nut Medley (Almonds r/s (California),
    • Cashews r/s (Product of Vietnam, and/or India, processed in USA)
    • Jumbo Golden Raisins (California)
    • Cranberries (USA)
    • California Smoked Almonds (USA)
    • Premium selection Dried Fruits, Nuts,
    • Net Wt. 58 oz. (1757.7g)
    • Tray Dimensions: 15.5 x 13x 1.5