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  • Specializing in the Designing and Manufacturing of Tough and Rugged Smart Safes
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  • Recognized as the Premier Safe in the Industry Through Customer Driven Design Processes
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  • Vaultek Safes Are Precision Built to Protect. Unparalleled Build Quality Uses Innovative Manufacturing Techniques to Create a Secure, Solid Safe You Can Both See and Feel
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  • Easy to Use. Optional Features Include a High Resolution Fingerprint Scanner Providing Quick Access, and Phone Apps That Keep You Informed
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  • Vaultek’s Commitment to Precision Engineered Products and Cutting Edge Technology Makes the Deciding Difference in the Smart Safe Category
  • Costco Next presents an extended assortment of tough and rugged, high quality smart safes, provided to you by Vaultek.

    • Specializing in the designing and manufacturing of tough and rugged smart safes
    • Recognized as the premier safe in the industry through customer driven design processes
    • Vaultek safes are precision built to protect. Unparalleled build quality uses innovative manufacturing techniques to create a secure, solid safe you can both see and feel
    • Easy to use. Optional features include a high resolution fingerprint scanner providing quick access, and phone apps that keep you informed
    • Vaultek’s commitment to precision engineered products and cutting edge technology makes the deciding difference in the smart safe category