World's Best Outdoor Mat 2' x 3'


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  • Durable Bristles that Clean, Remove and Trap Up to 5 & 8 lbs of Dirt
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    Product details:

    The Worlds Best Outdoor Mat just got better! The newly redesigned 2.0 mat has the same great bristles that can trap up to 8 Lbs. of dirt, but now have beautiful new blended color design options to enhance the entrance to your home. This sturdy weather and slip resistant mat features a new, 100% recycled, ramping system, 2 in. sloping PVC safety ramp and a 1 in. PVC threshold that abuts to your door

    Color Options:

      • Black
      • Brown
      • Blended Red
      • Blended Grey

    • Manufactured using 100% pre-consumer recycled content
    • Bristles adjust with each step to scrape dirt, snow, sand and debris from the soles of shoes
    • Extremely durable for long lasting performance
    • Heavy duty, will stay in place and not shift even in high traffic areas
    • Drop through spacing hides collected dirt from view
    • Can trap/hide up to 8 lbs of dirt underneath- reducing the amount of dirt and allergens tracked inside your home or office
    • Rolls up for easy handling and maintenance
    • High pressure water washable
    • Will not decompose or cause unpleasant odor
    • The World's Best Outdoor Mat is designed for the most discriminating home and building owners
    • Lifetime Guarantee
    • Ideal for home, office, or commercial uses
    • Materials: Recycled PVC Ramp and U Frame with UV stable nylon bristle inserts
    • Dimensions: 22.8" D x 35.45" L x 1" T
    • Weight: 18 lbs.