Chris and Chris Pro Chef Kitchen Cart


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  • 1.5" Solid End Grain Wood Work Surface
  • .
  • Solid Hardwood Frame and Shelving
  • .
  • Towel Bar and 4 "S" Hooks
  • .
  • Commercial Grade Casters (2 are Locking)Two Removable Wire Racks
  • The upper shelf of this Chris and Chris Pro Chef work station is a two-pocket frame that houses removable wire baskets; they’re powder-coated so they won’t damage fruit, potatoes or other foods you might want to store in them. A slatted lower shelf provides plenty of room to keep packaged ingredients, cookware or even dinnerware within quick and easy grasp. A powder-coated speed rack attached to one end of the cart can house spices, seasonings or cooking oils right where you need them. A large utility drawer runs nearly the full length of the cart, providing ample space for storing knives, utensils and even small kitchen gadgets.
    A stainless steel chef pan X (included) is positioned under a cut-out in the butcher block top to serve as the system’s receptacle. Use it to collect the pieces of meat, veggies, cheese or fruit you wish to retain. You can also use the pan to collect juice or trimmings worth recycling into a gravy or soup. Then, to capture scraps and waste for quick and easy disposal, simply remove the chef pan and attach the trash ring that's included. Hang any-size plastic bag from the trash ring and direct scraps into it. A gravy groove carved into the board helps you direct either retains or scraps toward the cut-out for sanitary collection.

    40" L x 24" W x 35.5" H

    • 1.5” solid wood end grain work surface
    • “Chop and Drop” ingredient collection system
    • Includes stainless steel chef pan and trash ring to hold trash bag
    • Solid hardwood frame and shelving
    • Upper shelf houses two removable, powder-coated wire racks
    • Lower shelf is slatted
    • Towel bar and 4 "S" hooks
    • Commercial-grade casters (2 locking)
    • Some assembly required