Triple Handcrafted Boulder Fountains


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  • 3 Boulder Bubblers
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  • (1) 15" Tall Boulder, (1) 24" Tall Boulder, (1) 34" Tall Boulder 70+ Gallon Reservoir Basin Included
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  • Pump Kit with Flow Control
  • The Triple Handcrafted Boulder Fountain set bundles the perfect combination of products, providing a unique, easy-to-install kit which includes everything you need to create an impressive, recirculating, three-piece fountain. The kit includes three very realistic-looking, hand-made GFRC (concrete) “faux” bubbling boulders measuring approximately 15 inches tall (35 lbs), 24 inches tall (55 lbs), and 34 inches tall (70 lbs).

    Each column provides the durability, look, and texture of a rock bubbler without the weight of natural stone and is handcrafted in Michigan by artisans of GFRC (fiberglass reinforced concrete). These fountains are extremely durable and crafted to provide a one-of-a-kind water feature.

    The fountain base (reservoir) is completely self-contained and constructed of professional-grade, high-density polyethylene. It's designed to be used in-ground (although it can sit on a patio or deck, as well), and holds approximately 70 gallons of water. Built-in supports and high-strength grating support the bubblers, and a mesh screen over the grate keeps debris out of the reservoir, so maintenance is virtually non-existent. An energy-efficient Mag-Drive Water Pump is included to circulate the water through the fountain, and the included hose & fittings makes installation easier than ever.

    Delivered on one pallet. River rock or other preferred ground cover is not included.


    • Easy-to-follow installation guide with color photos showing step-by-step instructions
    • Includes pre-assembled plumbing and connecting pieces
    • Installation time approximately 3-5 hours
    • Low maintenance
    • Durable, long-lasting, leak proof design
    • Rugged 70+ gallon polyethylene reservoir with removable grating
    • Access hatch for easy water flow adjustment and access to pump
    • Includes a continuously re-circulating, 1495 gallon-per-hour submersible magnetic drive pump with 20 foot grounded power cord
    • Tools needed: Shovel, measuring tape, level
    • Approximate footprint dimensions: 49.5" W x 49.5" L x 12" D (Basin reservoir)
    • Be sure to plug Fountain pump into a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet
    • UL listed for outdoor use


    • 3 Stone Fountain Bubblers: 15" tall (35 lbs), 24" tall (55 lbs), and 34" tall (70 lbs)
    • Support Grating
    • Mesh Filtering Screen
    • 1980GPH submersible magentic drive pump with 20 foot grounded power cord
    • Valve manifold to control the water flow to each individual rock separately
    • Hoses and all necessary connectors
    • Fountain base w/70+ gallon reservoir: 49.5" W x 49.5" L x 12" D
    • Total approximate delivered weight: 260 lbs